About me

I was born in Scotland and lived there until I was twenty-one years old. Scotland is so rich in history and scenery, it's truly a photographer's dream and I hope to return someday to capture the beauty in the country of my birth.

I now reside in Canada, another incredibly lovely country. Living in two such beautiful countries has allowed me to be surrounded by amazing scenery my entire life. Every time I step outside, I see something wonderful. I want to capture it, make it larger than life and share it with others. My love of photography started at an early age, I was enthralled by the images produced by the talented photographers in my family and as a child, dreamed of taking my own photos someday.

Most of the photography I loved growing up was black and white but my love of rich, vibrant colours, has led to my own personal style. 

I shoot primarily with Lensbaby lenses and I'm proud to be a published photographer and Lensbaby Ambassador.

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